Firepower 6.2.0 Release

After some delays version 6.2.0 has been released for Cisco Firepower Systems. The version brings some long awaited and desperately needed features I have been waiting for quite some time. Lets jump right into what is new, what has changed and why FlexConfig should die a fast and swift death again.

Firepower Process Management

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to troubleshoot a certain firepower process? Tried to kill a process, to re-start it with some debug flags but it was already re-started automatically by process manager? Well pmtool is here to help. Using pmtool you can disable services, restart processes and check dependencies between components on firepower systems.

Troubleshooting Firepower User Identity

Troubleshooting user identity issues on firepower systems can be quite daunting at times if you do not know where exactly you should look for issues. After encountering many different problems I thought it might be a good idea write down what I have learned from various troubleshooting sessions since unfortunately the amount of available documentation is quite lacking.